Our “Husky” Portable Water Tank

Finding the right water tank for our house was a long and sorted endeavor. Before we started our build, we visited a tiny house in Fort Collins, CO. The Fort Collins tiny house 200-300-Poly-Tanks-e1407975063362-225x300was designed with a 300 gallon tank in the utility room to provide the house with water for approximately one month. When Pete and I committed to building our tiny house, we decided to include this same set up for water. This system allows the tiny house to be placed in more flexible settings and remain a completely modern home. If we ever choose to locate our tiny house off grid, it will already be set up to function without traditional utilities.

The Fort Collins house used a vertical water storage tank. Similar to model to the left

The couple who built the Fort Collins tiny house had to install their giant tank during the framing of the walls, because it was too big to fit through the door! We felt that because of the height of their tank, they lost a lot of storage space, and it was not optimal for us. I had dreamed up designs for a spacious loft with a bunch of storage at the end (over the utility room) and I didn’t want the water tank to muck up my plan.IMAG1440

IMAG1429When Pete and I went to look for alternatives we had terrible luck. Water Tank, water storage, portable water, all kinds of Google searches and they always seemed to turn up options that were gigantic. We also looked at water bladders, but the types of bladders we came across were all designed to lay on the floor and couldn’t be used in vertical positions, UNTIL– Pete found Husky Portable Containment!

The team at Husky made us a custom water tank that Pete designed based on the specs of our utility room. We now have a water tank made from food safe materials, the right capacity of 300 gallons, in the perfect-most-space-optimal arrangement!  And the price was comparable to most of the other tank models that we looked at, but none of those were customized! So if you are looking for a potable water bladder customized for your tiny house, definitely check out the products from Husky.


Pete connecting the values at the bottom of the tank

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